Best Community Banks to Work For 2022

What great resignation? In our annual workplace survey, employees of ICBA’s best community banks to work for told us they benefit from engaging cultures, opportunities for advancement and innovative benefits.

Board succession planning after a merger

From blending differing values to choosing a new chairman, there are many challenges that can arise after a merger or acquisition. We spoke with legal and financial experts about what questions community bank leaders should ask themselves pre-merger, what issues they may face and how they can build an even stronger financial institution.

Become a thought leader on social media

Becoming a social media thought leader isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes time, consistency and authenticity—but the benefits can be worth the effort.

Lindsay LaNore: How to beat burnout

The leading causes of burnout include dealing with unclear expectations, and feeling overworked, underappreciated or unsupported by a manager or team. Combat burnout by renewing your bank’s focus on well-being.