The Ledger: A fintech approach to customer engagement

Capgemini’s World Retail Banking Report 2022 examines what financial institutions can learn from the fintech playbook. It found that by using data, community banks can better leverage new technology platforms to address challenges and provide a better customer experience.

The Ledger: Building a better user experience

Data from a new FinTech Futures Industry survey indicates that 41% of respondents consider user experience, or UX, the most important way banks can differentiate their services. Here’s what they consider the five most critical features for compelling UX.

The Ledger: Compliance’s talent challenges

Thomson Reuters’ Cost of Compliance 2022 global survey of financial institutions finds compliance departments grappling with a shortage of skilled professionals amid an increasingly sophisticated regulatory environment.

The Ledger: New tech investments

A new study reveals that banks are accelerating their adoption of new technology, and many are looking to fintech partnerships to do so.

The Ledger: Inside the cashless payments matrix

Cash may have once been king, but the payments game is changing fast, accelerated by the pandemic. By 2030, cashless, electronic transactions are set to surpass their paper currency counterpart as the primary means of payment.

The Ledger: Investing in the “Great Reshuffle”

Move over, Great Resignation: Many business leaders are now choosing to see this seismic shift as an opportunity. They’re using it as a chance to assess and maximize the roles and strengths of their teams, according to the LinkedIn 2022 Workplace Learning Report.

The Ledger: Compliance Concerns

Despite a positive 2022 outlook, industry-specific concerns continue to weigh on community banks, according to Wolters Kluwer’s 2021 Regulatory & Risk Management Indicator survey.